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Two Fiasco RPG playsets I made back in 2012.

Kaiju Crisis

Kaiju. Giant monsters. They sound awesome, until they rampage downtown and plow through all your favourite buildings.

Monster Archipelago was supposed to contain it. But something happened, and now the kaiju's moved into town. What is it doing here? What is the military doing about this crisis? And more importantly: what can you get out of it and survive?

Somewhere in Noctis-Qianjiao

This playset is set in the Eclipse Phase universe, and designed for those familiar with the setting.

Firewall has specialists for everything. There are hired guns who can kill anything, corporate bigshots feeding funds and info to their proxies, scientists studying things most transhumans can't comprehend... whether it's infosec, data smuggling, or just someone who can play the cello, if Firewall could possibly need it, they have highly-trained Sentinels primed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

But none of those guys are available right now. You are. 

Something big is going down, and it all starts in your slice of Noctis-Qianjiao. You might not be perfect for the job, but imperfect and nearby will do in a pinch. Not a good time? Tough shit, buddy—you knew the risks when you signed up, and if you don't fix it you're probably fucked anyway. So suck it up, join up with the other Sentinels you've probably never even met, and try not to turn this into a fiasco.

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