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An actual play using this game helped me realize I was genderqueer. No, genuinely. Also it's just damn good improvisational fun. 5/5

Bought the game because I like the sound of it, read it, loved it, but I am confused by the mechanic.  2d6 would be a range of 2-12, or is one die good thing and one die the bad thing?  Thank you in advance.  


After you roll, you decide which die is the good thing and which die is the bad thing. If you get to roll extra dice (when the GM agrees that it's something you're good at or that you're prepared), you decide which is good and which is bad, and ignore the ones you don't use.

Oh neat, thank you for the clarification.  That helps a lot.


So I have a general respect for Mothman, I watched The Tick growing up, but I modified these rules for Sterling Archer crashing on the couch and I'm pretty proud and excited to play this.

This sounds awesome, let me know how it goes!


Finally played this tonight, with our regular TTRPG group. It's brilliantly put together and plays well. Makes for a nice change of pace from Monster of the Week and other, more serious RPGs. Highly recommend! :)


I paid $5 for the title alone.


I just read the rules now, and I was more than rewarded by my gut reaction.