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Hey, this sounds really cool!
Would it be possible to see what the inside of the game looks like? Also, how many pages is it? :)


I ran a session earlier today for a group of mine and it was an absolute blast! The text is full of atmosphere, and it sketches enough out that there's always something you can pull out of your pocket without feeling as though things are set in stone. The system itself is fairly simple and very flexible.

In the end our crew fought some baseball werewolves, turned some cosplayers into a small gang, and wrestled Dracula in a falls-count-anywhere street fight on the beach. I'm absolutely going to be running this again and its for sure made its way into my rotation of drop-in one shots

We did a pretty extensive playtest on this, I don't want to go into too much detail here because I don't want the feedback to linger past the current test documents...i'm also not on twitter or patreon. is there some other way i can get the feedback to you?

You can email ettinjiggywithit at gmail! I'll be revamping the game sometime next year so any feedback is appreciated.

Will do!


Sukeban Dracula has a wonderful feel of Jet Set Radio meets River City Ransom but with vampires and stuff. I think if your table wanted a raucous fun night with snacks and laughter and melodramatic violence, it would be hard to beat this game.

The text is wonderfully evocative of the setting and the play style and the underlying system is simple and I think incredibly hackable. Recommended.