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The Nameless Exhibition (just “the Exhibition”, to those in the know) is an old tradition borne from Doskvol’s strong academic heritage and the whims of its nobles. It’s a secretive annual party where the city’s elite gather to be occult tourists, slumming it with the dangerous and arcane in a safe environment.

The Exhibition began in Nightmarket, but in the last few decades it’s moved to Ebongarde Manor in Six Towers. The Ebongarde family has since fallen and the manor is crumbling, but thanks to the Exhibition’s noble sponsors, it always has clean floors, a full pantry, and a powered laboratory on the day...

The Nameless Exhibition is a score/scenario for Blades in the Dark, with a few extra pages of NPCs for the GM to use.

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This is a super fun little sourcebook. I made it the centerpiece of a night of gaming and feel like I was only able to scratch the surface of introducing colorful NPCs, odd exhibits, threats and wonders. 

Our crew of cultists managed to induct a new member, our Spider started a romance, and our Slide got stabbed pretty badly after an act of sabotage (unrelated to the stabbing). Successes all around!

Luckily, The Nameless Exhibition is an annual party, so I can dip back into this adventure resource again and again.


Glad to hear someone's having fun with it! I'm actually running a second Exhibition at the moment - this time the PCs have a specific aim in mind (instead of just going to see what happens and choosing a score while inside the Manor) and the variety's helped a lot so far.