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Funded on Kickstarter! We'll add more previews as progress continues, so watch this space.

Hard Wired Island is a cyberpunk tabletop RPG with a retrofuture aesthetic, inspired by 90s media like Ghost in the Shell, Policenauts, Bubblegum Crisis, and Cowboy Bebop.

It's set on Grand Cross, a space station in crisis. Corporations are corrupting it into an authoritarian monument to greed. Long-time residents are being pushed out of their neighbourhoods as the wealthy expand their territory. In the shadows cast by the corporations lurk criminal gangs, hate groups, and rogue robots.

Whether you're engaging in street activism, getting dragged into corporate schemes, or fighting the corporations and their minions directly, your goal is to steer the station towards a better future before it's too late.

THIS IS A PREVIEW. The full version will be available soon.


February Preview - Fixer, Hacker 118 kB
October Preview - Setting 15 MB
September Preview - Thief 118 kB
August Preview - Communities 65 kB
Hard Wired Island - Kickstarter Preview PDF 3 MB


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What system does it use?


It uses its own system! You can see the basics in the Kickstarter Preview PDF document.


I am real upset I only found out about this after the KS was over. This is the most punk cyberpunk tabletop I've ever seen.


Tore through this tonight (got via the KS). Loved it. Want more of it.