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Retrocausality is a tabletop RPG about time travel adventures, in the vein of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or Back to the Future.

It uses a rules-light, card-based system that lets you decide how time travel works. Whether you have a specific movie you want to emulate, you have Opinions on the Novikov self-consistency principle, or you prefer not to ask too many questions, Retrocausality can make it happen. Even better, the rules are so light you can use Retrocausality to run a time travel adventure in a different game. That's twice as much game.

This 60-page book comes with full-colour art from a bunch of great artists, eight sample characters, advice on running time travel games, and a tacit admission that I have read Homestuck.


  • Convention-friendly character creation: a list of the things you're good at and the type of time travel shenanigans you prefer will do.
  • Rules-light, complex outcomes: Every result is a success or failure, and may also be excellent or bogus, creating a wider variety of outcomes with every challenge.
  • Time travel rules split actions into their focus (what you're interacting with) and method (the how). Without a list of specific allowed time travel actions, you're free to do what you want!
  •  A guide to support tools that will help make your time travel adventures even better.
  • There's art of a time traveller high-fiving Obama after making Karl Marx a US President. I will not be taking questions.

Recommended Specs

  • A computer
  • PDF reader
  • A deck of cards


  • Words: Paul Matijevic
  • Art: Crossy, Kylie DiOrio, Olav Larsen, Kaitlynn Peavler, Caio Prugner
  • Layout: Chris Lee
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AuthorWeird Age Games
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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