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ARPIA Winner 2023 — Best Scenario

Tales From L5 is a collection of scenarios for HARD WIRED ISLAND, the retrofuture cyberpunk RPG. Each showcases different aspects of the setting and different styles of play, and they each have their own author and artist as well.

  • In Cat Scratch, the PCs run a cat café on Grand Cross and deal with a crypto scam that threatens to disrupt it. It’s focused on the game’s community-building side, and demonstrates how a group can combine location Assets to create a base.
  • In Tinderbox, the PCs are disgruntled office workers at Kaneda Orbital Incorporated who use their free time to goof off until they uncover a conspiracy that threatens their easy jobs. It’s a more old-school, players-as-corporate-employees type of cyberpunk.
  • In Super Ink Burst, the PCs are street artists who disrupt a gated corporate community on the edge of Grand Cross. It’s about ordinary folks caught up in a corporate conspiracy, and it can also serve as the beginning of a Dreamer campaign.

In addition, Tales From L5 contains new character options (including an array of new Locations for characters to choose from) and a selection of people and places to flesh out the city of Grand Cross, submitted by Kickstarter backers.

Whether you're a fan of HARD WIRED ISLAND, playing in an existing campaign, or just interested in anticapitalist cyberpunk in general, we hope Tales From L5 has something for everyone!

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This looks so cool! I love Hard Wired Island!