Day-One Patch

Hey folks! I heard that day-one patches make a game good, so here's one for Hard Wired Island:

  • Fixed some typos flagged by readers
  • Using This Book section now numbers the chapters correctly
  • The Kitbash's entry (p. 309) no longer cuts off
  • Added an Index
  • Added a couple art pieces that were meant to be in there but weren't. Thanks to the folks who drew my attention to it, except for the one who called me blasphemous for leaving out the furry art. Prepare yourself, blackguard
  • Removed Jackeith Spaceman, the worst NPC in the game
  • Removed the "Rad Shiba" Origin for further playtesting
  • The Soviet space dogs Damka and Krasavka are no longer a valid starting Asset 
  • Removed Geneva code violation
  • Fixed a bug where players could generate infinite Prep by going to the model train exposition in Neo Toronto and starting a fistfight
  • Madoka Mawaru no longer casts Fireball on players who annoy her (this is a sci-fi game, so instead she "uses Flamethrower")
  • Players may no longer become the Joker due to copyright issues
  • The android code still prevents R. Daneel Olivaw from declining a rock-off challenge, but you have to actually have a guitar
  • Removed Goblinization due to player feedback
  • Miscellaneous catgirls


Hard Wired Island.pdf 99 MB
Apr 23, 2021
Hard Wired Island (low res).pdf 17 MB
Apr 23, 2021
Hard Wired Island - Player Reference.pdf 28 MB
Apr 23, 2021

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Best.  Day-One Patch.  Ever.


About typos: Where do we report them to if we still find any in the 1.1 update? :D


I've love more typo reports! DM @HardWiredIsland on Twitter or email hardwiredisland at gmail.